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Antes de ontemInternational Book Giving Day 2018

2021 #BookGivingDay

Por Emma Perry
#BookGivingDay may look a bit different this year. But. We are still going ahead. Because, now more than ever books and reading and stories are needed by so many children.

2020 #BookGivingDay Poster in Translation

Por Emma Perry
Sanne Dufft has been super busy. Here is her poster, now available to download in both Spanish AND German. [Click to download printable Spanish language version (PDF)] [Click to download printable German language version (PDF)] Need another language? Here’s a blank version for you… ready for you to add the language of your choice. [Click …

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2020 #BookGivingDay Bookmarks & Bookplates

Por Emma Perry
14th February is approaching fast. Sanne Dufft, official illustrator for Book Giving Day, has spoilt us this year with these fantastic bookmarks and bookplates. These are FREE to download, print and distribute with the books you plan to gift on Book Giving Day. Thank you Sanne, they are brilliant! [Click to download printable version (PDF …

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2020 #BookGivingDay Poster Reveal

Por Emma Perry
I can’t tell you how much I LOVE this moment – revealing the official poster for International Book Giving Day. The person to thank HUGELY this year is none other than illustrator Sanne Dufft. Sanne Dufft As long as she can think back, Sanne’s been drawing and painting – and now she has made it …

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How To Be A Book Giver

Por Emma Perry
Pssst… read on for my favourite way of gifting books on #BookGivingDay. Book fairy? Book ninja? Call it what you will, but, stealthily leaving books out in the wild for little people to find, is hands down my favourite way of gifting books on 14th February. Here’s how it works in four easy steps: 1 …

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2019 #BookGivingDay Posters

Por Emma Perry
The much anticipated moment has arrived… the 2019 posters. Over the years, amazing professionals have designed and created their artwork for FREE. That’s huge. I’m incredibly grateful. So, for 2019 I’ve selected two posters from the archives. Because, they are amazing. Because, I can’t wait to see them across the globe this year. 2019 is …

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Literacy Organisations to Support

Por Emma Perry
Over the years we have accumulated a list of organisations which support children’s literacy. You may wish to support them on #BookGivingDay. This is not an exhaustive list. Always conduct your own research and checks before donating. Book Aid International Books For Africa Duffy Books in Homes (New Zealand) First Book (US) Give A Book …

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