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Ten Good Tools for Making Multimedia Timelines

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:30

Last week I read a Book Widgets blog post about fun ways to use timelines in your lessons. Reading that post inspired me to make a new video about making timelines with Adobe Express. It also prompted me to update my list of good tools for making multimedia timelines. 

Timeline JS
Timeline JS is still my favorite tool for making multimedia timelines. Timeline JS creates a timeline based on entries made in a Google Spreadsheets template provided by Timeline JS. Your entries can include videos, images, text, and audio recordings. Take a look at this tutorial to learn how to use Timeline JS.  

Flippity Timeline Template
If Timeline JS seems a bit too complicated for your students, offers another way to create a multimedia timeline through a Google Spreadsheet. Simply fill in the blanks in Flippity's timeline template to create a multimedia timeline. In the following video I demonstrate how it works.

Google Slides & PowerPoint
Google Slides and PowerPoint both offer templates for making timelines. Using those templates you can create a timeline that includes text, links, images, and video. One of my most-watched videos is this one about making timelines in Google Slides. You can also make animated timelines with Google Slides by following the directions in this tutorial.

Sutori is a complete multimedia timeline creation service. Students can build timelines that include pictures, videos, and text. As a benefit for teachers, not only can you include media like pictures and videos, you can also include quiz questions in your timeline. So if you wanted to have students view a few events on a timeline and then answer a few comprehension questions, you can build those questions right into the timeline.

Padlet is a tool that I've used for more than a decade to create all kinds of multimedia collages and galleries with students. In the last couple of years Padlet has added a lot of new templates for teachers and students. One of those templates is a timeline template. You can use this template to add events in any date format of your choosing. Padlet supports inclusion of video, audio, image, hyperlinks, and text.

Canva is one of those web tools that the more time you spend with it the more features you discover "hidden" in it. One of those hidden features is the ability to create timelines to save as images and PDFs. Canva has about a dozen timeline templates that you can modify by altering the text size and style, inserting images, and dragging-and-dropping other design elements. Watch the following short video to learn how to create a timeline in Canva.

Russel Tarr, a history teacher and developer of, recently released a new template called the Wikipedia Timeline Generator. This free tool will take a Wikipedia article and generate a timeline based on that article. That's not all it does. You can edit the entries on the timeline to correct dates, to edit the information associated with the dates, delete entries on the timeline, and add new dates to the timeline. Timelines created with the Wikipedia Timeline Generator can be embedded into web pages and or shared with the unique URL assigned to your timeline.

In this short video I demonstrate how to use the Wikipedia Timeline Generator hosted by ClassTools. 

RWT Timeline
RWT Timeline provides a good way for elementary school students to create timelines that include pictures and text. It doesn't offer nearly as many options as some other timeline creation tools, but it's easy to use and more than adequate for elementary school settings. 

Adobe Express 
In Adobe Express there are two ways that students can create timelines. The first is to use one the more than 250 timeline infographic templates that Adobe Express offers. Students can customize those templates by changing the font, color scheme, and graphics. They can also use the integrated image search to find pictures to use in their timelines. Completed timelines can be downloaded as PDFs and as PNG files. The other way that students can create timelines in Adobe Express is by creating a simple web page in a linear format. When using that option students can include videos and hyperlinks in their timelines as well as pictures and text.

BookWidgets is an online tool that you can use to create interactive activities for your students to use in Google Classroom, in Canvas, in Moodle, in Microsoft Teams, and right on the BookWidgets website. Timelines are one of the many types of activities that you can create in BookWidgets. Your multimedia timelines created in BookWidgets can include questions that you have your students answer. Watch this video for a short overview of how BookWidgets works. 
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Já começou a primeira temporada do quarto capítulo de Fortnite: Há uma nova ilha e personagens The Witcher

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:20
A Epic Games introduziu um novo reino, incentivando os jogadores a conquistar territórios e a declará-los para a sua equipa. Há novas armas e veículos para explorar nesta fase do famoso battle royale.

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How to Correctly Use Google Images to Find Pictures for Your Projects

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 10:16
Last week a student in my Google Earth & Maps Crash Course emailed me with a question about using Google Images for a classroom project. Specifically, she wanted to know about licensing and whether or not students could use the images they found through Google Image search. 

The short answer to the question of can students use the pictures they find on Google Images is that students can use some of the images, but not all of images. Figuring out which ones can be used and which one cannot be used takes a bit of work. I recorded a short video to explain how to use Google Images to find images that can be legally downloaded and re-used in classroom projects. That video is embedded below. I hope that you find it helpful. 

Video - How to Correctly Use Google Images to Find Pictures for Your Projects

Applications for Education
There are three things that students and teachers who watch the video should learn. First, not all of the pictures found through Google Images are free to use. Second, that you need to filter the search results according to licensing. Third, that you need to visit the image source page to verify the licensing terms.
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Astronautas chineses regressam à Terra depois de 183 dias na estação espacial Tiangong

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 10:16
A cápsula que transportava os astronautas da missão Shenzhou-14 aterrou ontem no deserto de Gobi, no norte da China. O comandante Chen Dong e os astronautas Liu Yang e Cai Xuzhe completam uma missão de seis meses no espaço.

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Imagens de satélite mostram expansão do cemitério de Mariupol e presença da Rússia na cidade ucraniana

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 10:12
Há testemunhas na cidade ucraniana Mariupol que dizem que os russos continuam a retirar corpos das ruinas dos edifícios e a enviá-los para o cemitério que continua a crescer.

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Novo iPad de 10.ª geração é (quase) uma cópia do modelo de 2020

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 09:36
A iFixit comparou e concluiu que as diferenças técnicas entre o novo iPad de 10.ª geração e o iPad Air (4.ª geração) são mínimas. Valerá a pena comprar o novo modelo?

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Instituto de Telecomunicações soma 30 anos de investigação e partilha de conhecimento

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 08:08
Hoje o Instituto de Telecomunicações está a celebrar os seus 30 anos de atividade, assinalando o desenvolvimento de projetos nacionais e internacionais, a partilha de conhecimento e a inovação.

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Investimento europeu em I&D cresceu 6% no ano passado. Portugal a meio da tabela

5 de Dezembro de 2022, 07:16
O volume e intensidade de investimento em I&D em portugal colocam o país a meio da tabela na análise do Eurostat, onde se revela que a UE aumentou em 6% o volume total de fundos para a apoiar investigação em 2021.

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Aqueça o domingo com novas aplicações e jogos para o seu smartphone

4 de Dezembro de 2022, 14:22
Esta semana foram reunidas aplicações para tornar as fotografias num estilo retro, jogos divertidos e outras novidades para instalar no smartphone Android e iOS.

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A Free Smithsonian Webinar Tomorrow

4 de Dezembro de 2022, 13:32
Some of my high school history students often took a while to understand the idea that just because a document is an old primary source it doesn't automatically mean that source is infallible or even an accurate representation of events. They still needed to account for context and the potential for an author's bias among other factors that could impact the value of a primary source. Tomorrow at 4pm ET Smithsonian Education is hosting a free webinar for teachers who want to help their students become better at evaluating primary sources. 

The webinar is titled Critical Questions to Build Primary Source Literacy. It will be streamed live on YouTube and recorded for those who cannot attend the live broadcast. The collection of primary sources to be featured during the webinar can be seen here

On a related note, here's a collection of Smithsonian Learning Lab tutorials.

You may also be interested a National Archives resource called Understanding Perspectives in Primary Sources.

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Need For Speed Unbound já acelera nas consolas de nova geração e promete desafiar os pilotos de rua virtuais

4 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:37
O novo jogo da série chegou às lojas, prometendo veículos de alta cilindrada e muita adrenalina durante as corridas urbanas, sempre com a polícia em perseguição.

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How to Find and Download Your Old Canva Projects

4 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:26
Last week a reader emailed me to ask for help with Canva. Specifically, he wanted to know where all of his videos had gone. He wasn't the first person to send me that question so I decided to make a short video to show three ways to find your old Canva projects and then download those projects. The video is embedded below. 

Video - How to Find and Download Your Old Canva Projects

This is the 51st video in my playlist of Canva tutorials. Some of the most popular ones from that collection include How to Make a Video in Canva and How to Create and Publish Comics With Canva.

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Two EdTech Guys Take Questions - The Grand Finale!

4 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:09
Since the start of the pandemic in 2020 Rushton Hurley and I have held a regular series of live Q&A sessions. This week we're wrapping it up with one last live session of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions & Share Cool Stuff. We'd love to have you join us as we answer your questions about all things education, technology, and life :) Register here!

The final live episode of Two Ed Tech Guys Take Questions & Share Cool Stuff will be held at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT on December 6th. Grab a cup of tea or a cup of hot cocoa and join us for a fun half hour of sharing and learning. We'll answer questions that are emailed to us in advance and we'll answer questions that are given to us during the live broadcast. Register here!

Is this really the end?

Kind of. It's the end of our live webinars, but we do plan to continue with a series of recorded events. Whether that series is in video or podcast format or both is still to be determined. But if you really can't get enough of our smiling faces, you can head to this page on Next Vista for Learning to watch recordings of all of the episodes we've ever hosted. 

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Descubra os sons do mundo no website Cities and Memory

4 de Dezembro de 2022, 09:20
O projeto pretende construir uma base de dados de sons característicos do mundo, reunindo mais de 5.000 amostras de 100 países e territórios, com a contribuição de mais de mil artistas.

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Mostre que é o pistoleiro mais rápido do faroeste nos duelos de Westurn: Turn-based Showdowns

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 18:16
O jogo leva-o diretamente para a ação e terá de aprender rapidamente a usar todas as armas e artimanhas que tem disponíveis, caso contrário, quando der por si, já não tem balas nem vidas suficientes para continuar.

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Honor 80 Pro tem uma câmara principal de 160 MP e processador Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 16:23
Além da versão Pro, a nova linha Honor 80, que, para já, chega só à China, conta com mais dois modelos, incluindo um económico com especificações mais "modestas".

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A Cadillac quer participar nas 24 horas do Daytona e Le Mans com um modelo elétrico

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 13:29
O primeiro veículo de corrida da Cadillac já passou nos testes cruciais e está pronto para participar na popular corrida de endurance Rolex 24 no Daytona, marcado para o próximo dia 28 de janeiro.

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Versão definitiva de Mass Effect e Biomutant na lista dos jogos gratuitos do PS Plus de dezembro

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:50
O serviço de subscrição da PlayStation conta com mais algumas adições importantes ao seu catálogo, incluindo a trilogia de RPGs Mass Effect.

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Posters, Pictures, and Leftovers - The Week in Review

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:17
Good morning from Maine where yesterday it felt like winter and today it feels like spring. My family is supposed to go see the Christmas lights display at the Boothbay Botanical Gardens this evening, but the rain might dampen our plans. So we might end up spending the day making Christmas cookies. Either way, we're going to have a fun weekend and I hope that you do too. 

This week marked the 15th anniversary of Free Technology for Teachers. On Monday I published some thoughts about what's happened in the world of edtech, blogging, and social media over those years. That post also included a list of the ten most popular posts of all time on this blog. You can read it all here

On the same day that I marked the anniversary of this blog I also scheduled a workshop for an organization that reached out to me. If you'd like to have me run a workshop for your school, library, or organization in 2023 please get touch with me soon

These were the week's most popular posts:
1. C-SPAN Offers a Free Electoral College Poster
2. More Than 70,000 Pieces of ClipArt and Pictures for Students
3. Three YouTube Features Every Teacher Should Know How to Use
4. How to Add Descriptions to Google Drive Folders
5. Two Good Ways to Create Simple and Focused Websites
6. A Thanksgiving Leftovers Search Lesson and Bookmarking Tip
7. In Memory of Ed Webster - Resources for Teaching and Learning About Mount Everest

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50 Canva Tutorials for Teachers

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 11:01
Other than Google Workspace tools, Canva is the tool that I've published the most tutorials about on my YouTube channel. In fact, with the publication of my latest Canva tutorial video I've now published 50 tutorials about using Canva's many features for making videos, presentations, timelines, posters, greeting cards, worksheets, and many other graphics. All of those videos are available in one playlist that you can find and bookmark right here on my YouTube channel.

You can view my updated Canva tutorials playlist right here. A handful of highlights from the playlist have been embedded below. 

How to Create a Video With Canva

How to Create an Audio Slideshow Video in Canva

How to Import PowerPoint Slides into Canva
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Pantone abre a porta ao Magentaverse e revela uma cor do ano que junta criatividade humana e IA

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 10:23
A cor do ano 2023, chamada Viva Magenta, serve de inspiração para a exploração da dinâmica entre a criatividade humana e Inteligência Artificial numa nova experiência imersiva da Pantone.

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Serviço de SMS foi lançado em Portugal há 27 anos. O pico foi atingido em 2012 com 27 milhões de mensagens curtas

3 de Dezembro de 2022, 09:36
O serviço de mensagens escritas foi lançado em Portugal em 1995 em Portugal mas tem vindo a perder expressão nos últimos anos pela chegada de aplicações de mensagens instantâneas como o Messenger, WhatsApp ou Telegram.

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Flipper Island: um jogo simples, despretensioso e viciante para iPhone

2 de Dezembro de 2022, 21:28
Desenvolvido pela Infinity Games em apenas 48 horas, o Flipper Island tira partido da ilha dinâmica do iPhone 14 Pro mas pode ser usado noutros smartphones.

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How to TeK: Como executar algumas tarefas de administrador do Windows em contas standard

2 de Dezembro de 2022, 18:51
Existem algumas ações que pode fazer como administrador diretamente da conta normal, sem ter que alternar constantemente para a autenticação standard.

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Valve vai oferecer um Steam Deck por minuto durante o The Game Awards

2 de Dezembro de 2022, 17:50
Passatempo inédito da Valve vai dar oportunidade aos utilizadores do Steam que assistam aos “Óscares” dos videojogos, a oportunidade de ganhar uma das 120-150 consolas disponíveis.