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Strategies for using ResearchGate to improve institutional research outcomes

14 de Novembro de 2017, 01:02
Library Review, Volume 66, Issue 8/9, Page 726-739, November 2017.
Purpose The purpose of this paper is to investigate how to help improve a higher education institution’s research profile by using existing resources and existing research outputs. Design/methodology/approach This study was based on quantitative data extracted manually from QS University Rankings-Asia 2016, the 2015 Ranking of Pakistani higher education institutions (HEI) and ResearchGate (RG). Resultant data were loaded into Excel and analyzed in SPSS version 21. Findings The results of this study indicate that, while there is no direct correlation between an institution’s national/international ranking and its respective RG score, there is a tendency for lower-ranked institutions to have a lower RG score. Research limitations/implications This study was limited to data extracted from RG; however, it would be useful to apply the same methodology to other relevant academic scholarly network sites (ASNS). Practical implications This paper has suggested strategies which may be of relevance to those institutions in other countries which are aspiring to lift their national ranking through improved research profiles. Libraries are important contributors to the support of institutional research goals. Originality/value There have been no previous published research studies on either the potential for ASNS to contribute to enhancing research outcomes for Pakistani HEI or the role that libraries could play in supporting these outcomes.