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Evaluation of Users Satisfaction with Library Resources and Services at Al-Kabir Polytechnic, Jamshedpur: A Case Study

Por editor — 17 de Setembro de 2020, 11:41

Academic library is the heart of an educational institution. It is a services centre and always eager to satisfy its user by providing quality services. The evaluation studies of library user’ satisfaction has been in focus for the librarians to improve library infrastructure, resources, and services. This study is an attempt on the same lines to know the satisfaction of library users at Al-Kabir Polytechnic, Jamshedpur (India). A survey was conducted and questionnaire was used a tool for data collection. Data collected from 160 students was analysed and found that majority of the users are satisfied with the library infrastructure, resources and services. It is suggested that library should organize awareness as well as orientation-cum-training programmes to attract more and more users.

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Information and Communication Technology and Cataloguers Information Needs and Seking Behaviour in University Libraries in Edo and Delta States, Nigeria

Por editor — 17 de Setembro de 2020, 11:39

This study investigated Information and communication technology and cataloguers’ information needs and seeking behaviour in university libraries in Edo and Delta states, Nigeria. The study employed a descriptive survey method and questionnaire was the instrument used for data collection. The population of this study consisted of fifty-two (52) cataloguers in all the university libraries in Edo and Delta States. The population of this study is relatively small and as such the entire population was used as representative sample using purposeful sampling techniques. The researchers visited the sample institutions to administer the questionnaire. It was revealed from the study. The study revealed that Library of congress website, and are the ICT tools use by cataloguers for seeking information. The study also indicates that cataloguers used information and communication technology to make work done easily and faster, access to current information, professional development, increase work output, Improve my skills in the use of OPAC and improve my knowledge and skills in databases. The study recommended that there should be adequate information and communication technology (ICT) facilities should be put in place by the library managements to enable cataloguers make use of library of congress website, and as this will enhance the performance of cataloguers in rendering efficient and effective services.

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A case study on awareness of Digital Information Literacy skills among students of Royal Global University Guwahati, Assam

Por editor — 17 de Setembro de 2020, 11:38

The main purpose of this study is to find the awareness of digital information literacy skills among the students of Royal Global University, Guwahati. In today’s digital society it is very much essential to have good skills to procure information as the maximum number of information sources are available in digital format. Students should know how to access or use information. Many new generation students are very much self-confident about their information skills but it is also observed that they are not always capable to evaluate the authenticity of that information. The study examines the literacy level to search, locate and use digital information. The present study also helps us to know the IT skills of the students. A structured questionnaire was prepared and personally distributed among 100 respondents. Most of them are aware of digital information literacy. For better use of digital resources, almost all the respondents stress that they require training.

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Use and Impact of Social Networking Sites among the Students and Research Scholars of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam: A Survey

Por editor — 17 de Setembro de 2020, 11:33

The 21st century is widely known as the networking age which is an age of internet where almost everything is available on World Wide Web(WWW). The advances in the WWW have tremendously changed the way how people access information and communicate with one another. Social networking tools have become popular among the students for resource sharing. End number of users are connecting globally through Social Networking Sites (SNSs) as a medium for communicating, entertainment, news and updates, information etc which serve as a platform to be used by users to retrieve their respective objective. The study primarily focuses on finding out the opportunities provided by SNSs as well as the benefits received by the students and research scholars of Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, Assam.

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Journal of Information Technology Management (JITM): A Bibliometric Study

Por editor — 17 de Setembro de 2020, 11:32

The paper focused on the bibliometric study on the articles published in the Journal of Information Technology Management for the period from 2012 to 2019. During this period, there were 123 articles published by the researchers from various parts of the world. In this paper, various aspects related to the bibliometric analysis were analyzed such as year-wise distribution of articles, degree of collaboration amid authors, authorship pattern, issue-wise distribution of articles, length of the articles, institution affiliation of authors, geographical distribution of articles, and range of reference of articles. During that period, the journal was published nearly 8 volumes with 31 issues having 123 articles. It also found that the journal was published more number of articles in year 2013 and 2014 with 20 articles (16.3%). It was revealed that the highest contributions were published by three authors with 41 articles (33.33%). It was also identified that the overall degree of collaboration average for the period of study was 0.77. The study demonstrates that the maximum numbers of articles published during the study were having the length of 11 – 20 pages with 88 articles (71.54%). The maximum number of 42 articles with 34.15% was published with the range of references of 50 and above. It was exposed from the analysis that the greater part of the articles published by the authors affiliated to universities with 104 articles (84.55%).

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Print vs. E-resources: A Study of students’ Preferences, Perceptions and Opinions

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 12:02

This study is conducted over 12 colleges offering Diploma, U.G./P.G. Degree, M.Phil./Ph.D., during the academic year 2018-19. It aims to investigate preferences, perceptions and opinion of the students on the usage of print vs. e-resources. Data collected by means of online questionnaire from 1224 students. Majority of the students expressed their preference for both print and e-resources while they accepted the decreasing importance of print resources in libraries. Digital eye strain was the main problem faced by the user in accessing the e-resources.

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Awareness and Use of Online Databases and E-journals by Medical Science Students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 12:00

This study investigates the awareness and use of online databases and e-journals by medical science students at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. The study adopted survey design and questionnaire was used as tool for data gathering. The study population was comprised of two-hundred (200) undergraduate medical students who were purposely chosen as sample of the study. The data collected were analyzed using frequency distribution, simple percentages, and charts. The findings show that the students were largely aware of the availability of online databases and e-journals which were mostly used for the purpose of study and research work. The study also revealed that majority of the respondents were using PUBMED more than other available e-journal resources. It is interesting to also note that majority of the respondent indicated a fairly high level of familiarity with search options for accessing online database and e-journals.

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Satisfaction of Patrons And Effectiveness of Web-enabled Information Services of Selected University Libraries of Delhi and NCR

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 11:58

The researcher in this paper surveyed the patrons of the university libraries of Delhi and NCR to find out varied web-enabled information services provided by the university libraries, their effectiveness and satisfaction level of patrons of these services. The scope of the study is limited to state universities of Delhi & NCR. National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) 2017 was used to limit the scope. There was only one state university in the top hundred universities in NIRF 2017, which was Guru Govind Singh Indra Prastha University (GGSIP), Delhi. Content analysis of websites and interview of the librarian was used to find out the web-enabled information services provided by the university under study. Review of literature helped in creating tools for the collection of data. Google spreadsheet was used for statistical analysis. The findings revealed that GGSIP is providing many web-enabled information services. Only (71.6%) patrons are aware of them and being used by (57.3%) of their patrons while the rest of them are not using them. Out of these (57.3%) patrons, (89.52%) are satisfied and only (10.48%) are dissatisfied with the services. (74.2%) patrons find these services effective in accessing relevant information. It may be interpreted that quality web-enabled information services are being facilitated by the GGSIP university library but are not well promoted. The library professionals need to make more efforts to market or promote the library resources and services by using varied web 2.0 tools and technologies.

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Plagiarism as an instrument to certify quality research output: Perception and Attitudes among Research Scholars

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 11:56

The purpose of this study is to examine the research scholars’ perception and attitude towards plagiarism. The research methodology of this study is survey method was conducted using a well-structured questionnaire. The findings of the study shows that 40 (66.66%) respondents are aware of the plagiarism during course work, 35(58.34%) of respondents were aware of their institution’s policies on plagiarism, 48(80.00%) of respondents are agreed on the opinion that paraphrasing the ideas of others without documentation. 37(61.66%) of respondents are facing the problems of lack of language skills, 18(30.00%) respondents are facing the problem of lack of writing skills, The study recommended that The Universities and libraries can organize various orientation programmes, workshops,ect ,for research scholars as well as for other graduate and post graduate students in order to increase their plagiarism awareness.

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Awareness of Online Public Access Catalogue among the Students of Kwara State University, Malete, Kwara State, Nigeria

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 11:54

This study investigated awareness of Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) among students of Kwara State University (KWASU), Malete. The objectives of the study were o: (i) ascertain Kwasu student’s level of awareness of the availability of OPAC;and (ii) ascertain the medium through which students get to be aware of OPAC. The descriptive research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study consists of 11,855 undergraduate students of Kwara State University. Sample size of 378 were drawn from the population using a multi-stage sampling technique. Questionnaire was used as the instrument for data collection and the data were analyzed using simple percentage and frequency count. The findings of the study revealed that there is a high level of OPAC awareness among Kwara State University undergraduate Students. The study further revealed that KWASU students get to be aware of OPAC through their colleagues and through the use of library course offered as a general course in the university. The study recommended that Kwasu library should organize a formal orientation programme for the users which will capture the key awareness to be noted about the library OPAC and also the use of university bulletin in creating key awareness on OPAC. Lecturers in the institution should also complement the library effort by encouraging students to use the OPAC.

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Availability and management of scholarly output (e-theses) across agricultural libraries of northern India

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 11:52

The basic aim of this study was to assess the availability of e-theses across libraries of north Indian agricultural libraries and also to explore what measures these libraries have taken for ensuring sustainable management (preservation, storage, retrieval and delivery) of their scholarly output. A survey was made during 2015 while using questionnaire as a data collection tool. The investigator also interacted with the librarians through telephone and e-mail correspondence. Websites of select universities were also surveyed to cross check the availability and operability of ETDs and IRs. None of the agricultural libraries of northern India are seen to subscribe to any e-theses collection of International coverage (foreign) and all seem to rely on ‘KrishiKosh’, the free of cost Indian Agricultural Doctoral Dissertations Repository. It has been found that only SKUAST-K and CSKHPKV have taken an initiative to ensure sustainable management of their scholarly output by developing their institutional repositories. However, most of them think that KrishiKosh is a substitute to an institutional repository. Only seven agricultural libraries of northern India have been taken as a sample, the census could have been a better choice. Moreover, the work is confined to domain of agriculture only; similar studies need to be conducted in other parts of India and also across libraries of other domains of knowledge. This is first work of its nature in northern India with domain as agricultural libraries. The findings will act as a stimulant for the librarians and the planners of the country towards reformulation of their policies for prioritizing the development of e-theses collections and lay more emphasis on sustainable management of scholarly output at local and national level.

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Print and E-Resources: A Study of User Perception, Preference and Use

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 11:46

This study attempt to investigate the extent which UG and PG in a engineering colleges use print and electronic resources , another purpose of this study in to examine the importance subject discipline to reading preference and use electronic resources , studying these issues, would enable us to better understand the changing patterns of information use in the increasing intensive e-environment.

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Academic Audit in Libraries: With Special Reference to NAAC Accredited Colleges

Por editor — 19 de Junho de 2020, 11:41

Academic audit one of the essential activity to be conducted every academic year by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in institutional libraries for assessing their standards to submit to the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). According to that in this article discussed the need for an academic audit, objectives of the audit, quality measurements, the actual status of libraries, remedial measures to improve the services of the library in every academic year. The objective of the paper is to create awareness among the Library science professionals. This paper also depicts various parameters of libraries assessed during an academic audit. Suggestions were given for the improvement of the library’s standard, supportive documents as proof of every activity and future development. The conclusion of the article is the joint initiative of both the Librarian and the Management for the future development of the institution.

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Information Literacy Practice of Govt. Public Library Users in Jamalpur and Sherpur District, Bangladesh: A Case Study

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 13:14

Information literacy is the way of knowledge that provides about the concept of information literacy and the importance of information literacy in education. This study has applied to know the information literacy of the people of Jamalpur and Sherpur districts of Bangladesh. The respondents of this study are mainly drawn from the four selected govt. public libraries of Jamalpur and Sherpur districts of Bangladesh. The analysis of the survey shows that people need information for various purposes in their daily activity, and they use different sources and media for access information. This study has provided some recommendations for the improvement of information literacy services of the public libraries of Bangladesh.

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Information Literacy as Determinant of Research Competency among Postgraduates

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 13:12

This paper investigated the relationship between of information literacy skills and research competency of postgraduates in Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago-Iwoye and Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Nigeria. The descriptive survey research design and the multistage sampling technique were employed. The target population comprised 2,089 postgraduates from which 337 samples were randomly selected using the Yemane (1973) formula. A validated questionnaire made up of two scales was used to measure information literacy skills (0.79) and research competency (0.78) variables of the study. Findings indicated that the sampled postgraduates possessed high level of research competency, although competencies in handling research methodology as well as data analysis and discussions of finding were low. The study further revealed that respondent postgraduates possessed high information literacy skills. Finally, information literacy skills positively influenced research competency of the sampled postgraduates. The study proffered policy towards promotion and sustenance of research and research methodology courses, provision of library resources and services and effective integration and teaching of library instructions to postgraduates amongst other recommendations.

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The Place of School Library Services in the Intellectual Development of Students

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 13:11

This study has examined the place of school library services in the intellectual development of students. The study was carried out to identify the basic services which help children to acquire the basic knowledge for development. The researchers employed ex-post facto research design through effective literature review; hence the information collected through secondary sources were discussed qualitatively. It was discovered that the role of library services in the intellectual development of children include that it enhance the reading culture of children, help them to study fiction and non-fiction materials, encourage children to understand the meaning of many concepts and words of their interest, and motivates children for learning. Also, the major challenges which affects the utilization of school library for children intellectual development includes non availability/accessibility of children materials in some of the school libraries, lack of adequate finance to procure children materials, inadequate staff training to understand the area of children literature/interest, and poor facilities like electricity in the school libraries. Based on the finding, it was recommended that there should be provision of needed resources and equipments in the school libraries which are of interest to children so as to encourage children reading culture and intellectual development. Also, the school library staff should be trained so as to identify the area of children’ literature/interest so that the materials will be procured.

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A Model Embedded Library: National Digital Library of India

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 13:09

The National Digital Library of India (NDLI) is a National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) project developed by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. This research paper focuses on changing and challenging role of librarianship in digital era. The fusion of information and technology has led to the concept of Information technology and further tremendous developments in communication networks resulted Information and Communication Technology. The current millennium has been the era of embedded technology, which has had greater impact on every aspects of life and attested to every organizational set up irrespective of its nature. Researcher traces the genesis and growth in implementation and scholarly use of this embedded Library and Information Services by faculty and researcher in India. Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD), Govt. Of India aegis NDLI Project Co-ordinated by Central Library (ISO-9001:2015 Certified), IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal-721302 India.

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Access and Use of Electronic Resources in Addressing National Issues: Education

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 12:55

The influx of information and communication technologies (ITCs) into library has changed the roles and responsibilities of librarians, the methods of accessing information, usage of information resources and as well the format of information resources. Information resources are either in print or electronic format or both in print and electronic format. In this article the authors demonstrated that, increased access and used of e-resources have significantly addressed the standard of education worldwide. Specifically, the paper discussed the concept of e-resources and usefulness to education, some advantages and disadvantages of e-resources, and access and use of online resources in addressing the entire education sector. Also discussed in the paper is the control of access to online resources through ID login and password, IP authentication and licensing policies. The discussion demonstrated that, the management of online resources is fundamental to their access and use among users. The paper concluded that online resources are widely accepted because of their enormous merits over the print. In spite of their acceptance, users of the resources are still faces with several challenges to access and use the resources.

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Impact of Digital Libraries on Information Dissemination

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 12:39

The 21st century has made lot of changes in every organization in terms of technology use including information dissemination sector. The library needed to change the pattern of services to its users in terms of providing learning resources. Today’s generations are more inclined towards technology and they love to use the E-resources instead of printed materials. Many of the libraries have the problems in terms of visitors to lend the print resources due to limited numbers. This has made a dynamic shift in the mode of services provided in the library. The librarian and information professional needed a change to adjust this environment, they rightly so implemented automation in library keeping traditional and new generation digital library go together. This served the various sections of communities who use resource either in print and E-format. This shift made the librarian as resource provider to librarian teacher who also collaborates with teaching faculties to make effective use of resources both in teaching sessions and out of class hours. The electronic resources also made students to understand the subject much better way using audio video materials, Photographs, e research articles and interactive learning materials. To handle the digital library, the library professional needed various competencies such as knowledge of handling, skills to disseminate the information.

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Awareness of Plagiarism: A Study

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 12:36

Plagiarism is a highly complex phenomenon. The situation is multi-dimensional and often complex with no simple cause. One of the factors influencing plagiarism could be that student’s do not have a clear understanding of what constitutes plagiarism and how it can be avoided. The purpose of this study is to highlight the seriousness of plagiarism among research scholars in Universities. It also explores the student’s level of awareness of plagiarism. A total of 150 questionnaires were randomly distributed and 142 filled up questionnaires were received back with a response rate of 94.66%.

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Degradation and Preservation Practices of Information Resources in Academic Libraries Incross River State, Nigeria

Por editor — 17 de Março de 2020, 12:31

This study was set to investigate degradation and preservation practices of information resources in academic libraries in Cross River State, Nigeria. It examined the nature and causes of degradation of information resources, strategies used in their control, and constraints limiting effective preservation. The study adopted survey design. The population for the study constitutes all information resources in the five academic libraries in the state. Purposive sampling technique was used in selecting 202 respondents who supplied the information used for the study. A structured questionnaire was used for data collection and the data was analyzed using population t – test. The result of the analysis showed that all the four null hypotheses were rejected. This means that the nature of information resources degradation in academic libraries in Cross River State is significantly high. The study also revealed that barriers to effective preservation of information resources in academic libraries in Cross River State are significantly high. Based on the findings the study recommended among others that academic libraries should recruit adequate and trained manpower in the libraries for effective preservation programmes and activities. Academic libraries should consider various methods that could be applied to curb degradation of information resources in their holding. And, adequate annual budget allocation should be provided for preservation programmes in academic libraries in the state.

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Acquisition Modes of Collections in the Addabor and Centenary Libraries of the Tamale and Bagabaga Colleges of Education in Ghana

Por editor — 11 de Julho de 2019, 07:23

This paper sought to explore the acquisition modes of collections in the libraries of Tamale and Bagabaga Colleges of Education in Ghana. The population consisted of all the library staff in both colleges. In all, the sixteenlibrary staffs of the two libraries were use as respondents. Centenary Library has four library staff and Addabor library has twelve library staff. The entire population was used for the study. Archival and structured interview were used as data collection instruments/tools of the study. The study findings revealed that the two libraries largely build their collections through donations aside the few collections from purchase, exchange, interlibrary loan and consortia. The findings also indicated that donation was the most infectious (bookworm, termites, fungi, silverfish, rodents, booklice) acquisition mode in the Addabor and Centenary libraries.
The study concludes that both libraries largely build their collections through donations and gifts. The purpose of the study was to add to academic knowledge of the field, fill literature gap, serve as a policy document to acquisition librarians, Ministry of Education and Princof in their bid to building relevant collections to meet user needs. The recommendations from the study which include recruitment of more professional librarians, training of acquisition librarians, provision of enough funding, provision of enough infrastructure, provision of preservation chemicals for the treatment of infected collections and assertiveness in the refusal of being dumping grounds for irrelevant collections. Collections of libraries are acquired to meet the objective of advancing knowledge and wisdom to promote sustainable and comprehensive education for national development.

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Evidence- Based Decision-Making – A Review of Key Literature to Inform Development of a Model for the Council of Oman

Por editor — 11 de Julho de 2019, 07:20

Evidence-based practice (EBP) has become increasingly used in public policymaking around the world in recent years and has been associated with improved decision-making as well as enhanced government transparency and accountability. Despite growing pressures to adopt EBP and the documented benefits of this approach, however, the limited available evidence suggests that, compared with the healthcare sector, governments generally have been very slow to adopt EBP in policy-making. In the Sultanate of Oman, where the development of modern democracy has been evolving only slowly over recent decades, it seems that current decision-making within the Oman Council may not be well informed by evidence, thus undermining the adoption of democratic processes in this country. This article presents the initial findings from a review of literature conducted for the purpose of developing a Model for Evidence-Based Strategic Decision-Making (MEBSDM) in the Council of Oman. It sets out key findings from the international literature about trends in EBP and the reported barriers to its use, from studies relating to government decision-making and from the healthcare sector, where EBP has been most widely used to date. The limited body of research relating to the use of EBP in Oman is also discussed. In the concluding section, some implications for the adoption of EBP by the Council of Oman are set out, as a precursor the development of the proposed model.

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Gender Equality: Analysis of scholarly publication pattern of last five years in Web of Science

Por editor — 11 de Julho de 2019, 07:18

Gender equity represents usually based on custom, tradition, religion or culture and social justice, which is regularly to the disservice to female. This article examines data which was downloaded from the Web of Science database. The Web of Science is one of the leading bibliographical database in the world. “Gender Equality” keyword used for retrieving the data. The keyword analyses for five-years, during 2013 to 2017 taken for the study 2212 records were retrieved by the authors for the present study. Each record contains year wise publication, Authorship pattern, Funding agencies and Document type etc. The collected data were analyzed through Histcite and calculated using excel sheet. VOS viewer is a software tool which was used for visualizing bibliometric network. The major findings are 1062 number of articles was published by single authors, 89.7% of the scientific research is published in articles, 1981 number of research articles are published in English language and 50.2% of the publications exposed that the word ‘Gender’.

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Reward System Variables and Job Satisfaction of Librarians in Academic Libraries in Imo State, Nigeria

Por editor — 11 de Julho de 2019, 07:16

The general purpose of the study is reward system variablesandjob satisfaction of librarians in academic libraries in Imo State. The survey research design was used for the study using questionnaire as the instrument for data collection. The study covers the entire population of One hundred and seven(107) librarians in academic libraries in Imo State. One hundred and five (105) copies of the questionnaire were completed and returned for analysis representing 98.1%. The findings showed that when the rate of compensation improves or increases positively, the rate of librarians’ satisfaction increases in direct proportion. Again as the rate of welfare benefit increases the rate of satisfaction and job commitment increases. The study recommended that compensation should be given to workers both in direct and indirect forms, integrating the two into a package that will encourage the achievement of an organization’s goal.Welfare services should be formulated and implemented in order to encourage workers. The academic libraries should set in motion strategies to address child welfare package to library employees. Prompt payment of salary and salary increment as when due should be given a priority in any organization.